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3DS emulator is made to make your life easier. Its a closed source 3DS Emulator for Personal Computer and laptops. The latest series has many 3DS games with full functionality. If you really want to experience the amazing 3D effect , you must give it a shot.

The Nintendo 3DS game is word wide famous and with this 3DS emulator you can play Nintendo on your own PC without any installation.

The best thing about the emulator is, Its totally FREE as of now. And You must have this piece of software. You can even play newly launched games on PC with the help of this Emulator.

You just need to download this 3DS emulator and then uncompress and OPEN and you are on it. Its region free as well.

Download 3ds emulator  NOW

If you want to change the screen resolution, you can do it once you open it for the first time. By default, the size is 800/240 (2x400x240 per eye WQVGA) and the lower one 320×240 pixels. If you change it, the screen would become more user friendly.

You must have original BIOS of Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS emulator would try to find out the geniuine BIOS and if it does not find it, the software would not work at all. So Again, check it before you download it from us. If you have the original one, then you need to worry, Just set it up and play all the Game on your PC. Enjoy!

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